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XtremeRoot Invites
Posted by Anonymous on Tue 22nd Sep 2015 09:54
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  1. =============================
  2. == XtremeRoot Invite Guide ==
  3. === Written by Polynomial ===
  4. ======== Version 1.0 ========
  5. =============================
  7. We are a closed community and as such you will require an invite before you can join. This means that an existing member must send you an invite link. This does not mean you can hassle people in the IRC channel for an invite. We only invite people who we feel are beneficial to have in our community. The following list will explain what we want, and what we don't accept. However, please remember that we are not total nazis and do realise that a lot of people just want to learn from the ground up. We do expect you to have done research and read into some security stuff by yourself (there's so much that Google can turn up for you) before applying for an invite, though.
  9. * You must have some experience and skill in the world of systems security. Don't be scared away - we just expect a minimum amount of knowledge about systems security and/or programming. If you have no experience, go read up on some of these to wet your appetite: SQL injection, buffer overflow, stack smashing, md5 hashes, rainbow tables, wifi cracking. The world of hacking is a very broad and interesting one.
  11. * You must have a willingness to learn and accept corrections. This means that if you get something wrong and someone points it out, you must accept that they might know more than you and could very well be right. Our IRC operators and forum staff are highly experienced, so you should listen to them carefully when they choose to answer your questions or give you advice.
  13. * If you are only here to ask us to hack something for you (a website, MSN, facebook, AIM, etc.), you are not in the right place. We won't do it, and we aren't interested in being paid to do it. There are thousands of tutorials out there on how to set up RATs and keyloggers and we aren't here to hold your hand or walk you through it.
  15. * If you expect to just leech tools and tutorials from us without bothering to learn how things work, we will know from your attitude, and you will not be accepted. We want people who want to learn. We don't waste our time helping people who are unwilling to be helped.
  17. * If you think hacking is about running a tool and inputting some target parameters, then you're very much mistaken and should be prepared for a nasty shock. Hacking is about completely understanding the system and how as much of it works as possible. Knowledge is power, and it takes a very long time to work yourself up from the bottom. We are not here to hold your hand through this process - you must be willing to spend a lot of time reading, learning new things and trying them out for yourself.
  19. * You should be able to communicate in plain and clear English, with proper spelling, punctuation and grammar. No txtpsk (shortenings of words like 'you' => 'u', 'are' => 'r') or l337 will be considered acceptable. It is also exceedingly annoying when people type in full caps or press the enter key so often that we have to read fragments of sentences. We realise you may not be a native English speaker, but our forums are entirely English speaking so we at least expect some effort!
  21. * You must have the ability to control yourself and act responsibly. We live in a volatile world of spammers, flamers, trolls and idiots. Your interactions reflect on us as a community, so if you act like a fuckstick we all look like fucksticks.
  23. * Do not attempt to bullshit us about your skills or previous work. If you don't know what you're talking about, we will see through your crap and we will not respond to it nicely. Someone very inexperienced but enthusiastic will be more likely to be accepted than someone with moderate experience that attempts to make themselves sound like an expert by talking crap.
  25. * Whilst it is not mandatory, we do prefer it if you know at least one mainstream programming language. Examples: C, C++, C#, VB.NET, PHP, Java, Python, x86 assembly. If you think HTML is a programming language, you are most likely not experienced enough.
  27. If you think you have what it takes, feel free to ask for an invite on IRC.

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